Don’t go hiding in the shade…

What a fool I was. Bearing my soul to individuals who ended up turning on me. The occasion was very, very rare that I let my guard down and open myself up. And what happened? Burned. It was a side I never showed them, and it was for nothing. Fell on deaf ears and an attitude of indifference.

Really I had no one to talk to since I was pretty much a loner and I alienated my other family. Never really trusted too many people because I have been burned before. Home is all I had, and it was in a sense taken from me. Maybe if I had someone to talk to, a friend to confide in, I would have been better off. But too late now.

Or is it too late? I know that one of my problems is keeping things bottled up most of the time and that’s no good. When you bottle things up, all it does is eats you up inside. It has to be let out. Has to be let out by talking to someone, or releasing it in other ways like through a creative channel if you have one. Point is you got to let it out.

“The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.”- Deepak Chopra

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