Can’t take my eyes off the ball again…

You know, I often wondered why my life turned out the way it did. Why talents were wasted. Why my life is full of regrets. It didn’t turn out like I planned it at all. Could be a lot of reasons really, and I have an idea what some of them are since things are a little clearer now. And it doesn’t help that I ran away at fifteen and really didn’t have any kind of guidance. Add the fact that I basically at a young age had to skip a large portion of my youth and play “grown up”. So. there’s a huge gap that i jumped and I can never go back. You could say that I missed a very important part of my life. It doesn’t matter anymore anyway, what’s done is done. Besides, they say everything is supposed to happen for a reason, right? Yeah, I know, I don’t really get it either sometimes…

Since my life has been what I would consider unconventional, would that still be an excuse? I don’t like excuses. Is it my fault? I don’t want to take any of the blame of course, but sometimes we are at fault. Sure, there are other factors that come into play, but ultimately I guess it would be up to you. So if your life isn’t what you wanted to be, or things aren’t right, a good thing would be to look around. See what went wrong. I think sometimes in life we get a little careless.

Life for sure isn’t easy, and we all have to suffer at times, but the thing is to focus on living and making your life better. Need to focus on the good and make changes to those areas that are not so good. We either work on it, or we stay in the same place just surrounded by the negative, spinning our wheels. Just need to keep your eye on the ball as the saying goes.

“We all face challenges in our lives. But how we handle these challenges, how we look at life is truly what matters. We can all look at life one of two ways: 1. we can focus on the good and move forward, or 2. we can focus on the negative and wallow in self pity.” – Catherine Pulsifer

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