But life gets in the way…

We all have plans in life, or ways we want things to go. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t. I planned on staying with my wife forever and look what happened. I also had a lot of dreams and aspirations that have gone by the wayside. Now at times, you can blame yourself, but life also gets in the way.

I’ve often asked myself what happened. Why did my life turn out the way it did. Why I wasted so many opportunities and talents. I also wonder what life would be like if I had been more disciplined or had more encouragement to follow my goals or dreams. Would I be in a different place right now? Who knows. They say things always happen for a reason, but there are times where it doesn’t really make sense.

Life can be very complicated, or be LESS complicated. Ultimately I think it is up to the individual which route they want to take. I know in my life I’ve always tried to stay humble, be a good person. Yet things sometimes just happened. Let’s face it, bad things happen to good people. Some things we can’t control. Plus, we have to look at certain obstacles and situations as building blocks, or lessons in order for us to learn, grow, and continue.

So, ask yourself, do you want to make life easier, or harder on yourself? No, it isn’t easy, and even taking the “less complicated” route in life can give you trouble, but key is to keep changing and moving. Do you stay down when you fall, or do you pick yourself back up and continue forward?

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly”. – Henri L. Bergson

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