Cause I’m a Liar…

In our lifetimes we run into people who can be on the surface a good, trustworthy individuals. But beneath ones surface is what we need to look at. Dishonesty is a very, very hurtful thing, and I know I’ve been a victim of dishonesty, and I am sure many others have been as well. A trust broken is a trust that is lost.

Another thing I have thought about was dishonesty to self. We can deceive ourselves as much as other people can deceive us. Be it through low self esteem (I’m not good enough, I’m ugly, I can’t do anything right), or I would even say having a high self esteem can make one careless and have an inflated ego, which can of course also be very damaging.

Bottom line is that we have to not only be careful of deception from others, we have to pay close attention to instances where we deceive ourselves. We can be our own worst enemy. I know in my experience that has been the case. And it can be even more irritating when you get in you OWN way.

“A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future”. – Author Unknown

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