The meaning is missing…

We often times miss the point. We don’t tend to look at the big picture. We don’t stop, listen and learn the lesson we are being taught. I agree, sometimes when things happen, they just don’t make any sense, but usually there is a reason for the pain and suffering we go through.

I know most people, me included, have just cursed the situation we were in and failed to find the message. At times, I believe, that the answers we often ask for are within us. Life gives you the key, and with that key whatever answer you seek will be revealed. You just need to unlock it.

So instead of the typical reaction to life’s little challenges, try stopping and figure out what you need to learn, or see what the next step that you need to take is. Open your eyes and your mind. Figure out the meanings and unlock the rest of your life…

“Better to light a candle than curse the darkness”.- Eleanor Roosevelt

Now Playing: “Sleeping Awake” by P.O.D.

2 thoughts on “The meaning is missing…

    • Sure, we all become busy, and as they say “life happens”, But we need to make conscious efforts to slow it down and optimize our lives, or quality of lives.

      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

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