I’m just gonna let something brand new happen to me…

People can be awfully impatient. I know that is one of my flaws at times. I think with age, I’ve gotten better, but I’m not perfect. I think we all have that in us. We want resolution to things as soon as possible. We especially want resolution when something goes wrong and we want to get past it.

Learning to cope, to deal with life’s road blocks can be frustrating and a real pain in the…well you know. Key is to learn how to deal. How’s it go? Pain is temporary, glory is forever? Think about it that way. All the garbage that comes your way is just temporary.

We have to deal with certain issues, no way around it. But sometimes you just have to surrender yourself and make the necessary steps to move forward. You sometimes have to deal, then sit back and let things happen. Just sit back and let the puzzle pieces fall into place.

“Don’t make excuses. Make things happen. Make changes. Then make history.” – Doug Hall

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2 thoughts on “I’m just gonna let something brand new happen to me…

  1. That’s cool, Joey. You just gotta be willing to meet it halfway…sit back, but move forward. Go for a walk in a new neighborhood, take a chance, say hello to someone you don’t know. Risk a little pain, even when you’re already hurting. Amazing things can happen. It’s your turn.

    • Hey Kim.

      Yup, sometimes you just have to let go and let things happen. We often try to force things, and it doesn’t work. Amazing things can happen and will happen if you’re open.

      Thanks for visiting. Stop by anytime.

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