You’ll meet an army of me…

You have to ask yourself sometimes if you are the type of person who let’s life’s obstacles keep you down, or are you someone who, even though hurt or wounded, will get back up and move forward.

I’ll admit, I was more of the former, although I would SLOWLY get up, and then attempt to move forward. At times, I believe that I got in my own way. I think we can be our own worst enemy.

One thing that needs to be realized is that you have to push all that junk to the side. Stand up and take charge. YOU are the one in control. YOU are the one who has to just get it done. If you want change, or feel better, or want to move on, you need to put in the effort. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Once you do that, things begin to fall into place. No more sadness, no more playing the victim. Take charge, become stronger, and become a force that can’t be stopped or affected by the nonsense.

Sure, life is going to throw stuff at you from time to time, that’s a given, but you will know how to deal, and be able to brush it off and become an unstoppable force.

“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make”. – Les Brown

Now Playing: “Army of Me” by Bjork

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