Today is a beginning, for you to start winning…

Mediocrity. I think a lot of us live with it daily. Why do we become so used to mediocrity? I know for myself, things never seemed to get better and I always felt like I was spinning in circles. Same thing day in and day out, no advancement, no change.

So what do you do? I know I decided that enough’s enough. You have to wake up and realize that you have the power, the will to make things better for yourself. To make the life you want to live. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of the same old BS, over and over. Doesn’t get you anywhere.

Strive to become better, life does get hard, things do go wrong. But why stay in that negativity, why not rise above it? We are better than that. We are valuable. Don’t let the chains of mediocrity hold you back. Break the chains and claim your freedom.

“Mediocrity is self-inflicted. Genius is self-bestowed.” – Walter Russell

Now Playing: “Break The Chain” by Big Joe Krash

One thought on “Today is a beginning, for you to start winning…

  1. I like being a minimalist but I want gadgets

    Gimme a few electronics (nice ones) and my library.. alright my library takes a lot of space, any good library would do

    But that’s all I need to live! And give me a reason to breathe and a way to smile, a traveller at times to remember..

    …take away the gadgets then.. if you may =)

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