I know it’s temporary but I need to focus straight…

Spending time with family, especially family I haven’t seen in ages, reminded me, or rather, made me think about how much family is important, and how much love and support I missed out on because of situations that were going on in my life. But like I’ve said before, what’s done is done. So what next? Time to move on.

I know you shouldn’t dwell in the past, and you shouldn’t. But it is part of your history and is a good reference point to use to continue on with your life. Looking back sometimes is so eye opening, seeing how much has gone on, how much has changed, mistakes that were made, etc. But take those moments and cherish the good ones and LEARN from the not so good ones.

For me personally, sure things are not perfect, and there have been times where I asked myself what went wrong, but I realized I need to stop, learn from past mistakes, and use that to my advantage. Use that as ammunition to make my life better and move on. We need to stay focused on the now, and make sure that we get the future we want.

Just realize that things that happen are just temporary. If you lose focus, stop and regain it. Use your power. It’s there. Believe that you can move forward and deal with life’s situations with your head held high. Free your self from the negativity, find yourself, and feel free…

“I’ve learned that we cannot forget or throw away our past, But we must not allow our past to control us either. We must learn and grow from our past failures, Disappointments, pains and experiences. Reset our goals and priorities… and move forward. Start TODAY, by Untying the knots that LIMIT you”. – Ty Howard

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