When it’s hard out there and you gonna bail, slow down…

Life can be hectic, and seem like it’s too much to handle at times. I know in my experiences, dealing with personal issues, and then dealing with the falling apart of my life back in Chicago, there were times where I didn’t think I was going to make it.

One positive that I found in all of the negative was that I was given an opportunity to slow down, stop, and use the time given to observe, learn, and grow into a better person. It may sound crazy, and honestly, to me it still does at times, but it was almost as if I was given a gift. A second chance. I am truly still a work in progress.

I will admit, they’re times where I thought I was going to blow it. Still do. But the OLD pessimistic me would just “go with the flow” until good old Joey gets in his own way, or something else threw a monkey wrench into the machine, then the “I knew it” would come out. But notice I said OLD me. And remember that your words do have weight, and if they are negative, they’ll weigh you down.

Yes, life can be difficult, stressful. Try and look at yourself, look within, and use the strength you have to MAKE it slow down, and easier for you to handle. Life should be lived abundantly, not with struggle. If you stumble and fall, you stumble and fall. The key is to get back up, and keep going.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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4 thoughts on “When it’s hard out there and you gonna bail, slow down…

  1. I great stuff. “The key is to get back up, and keep going” it truly is the key.

    Reminds me of something my Dad says, “I’m a mud runner, it might be tough some times but I don’t run out of mud.” It will probably never get easy but you can get get good at it, right?

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