Cause tomorrow’s never promised in this game called life…

Life’s too short to be worrying about things, isn’t it? The past is gone, and the future doesn’t exist, so what does that leave? If you really think about it, how would you feel if all you did was dwell in the broken relationship, losing your job, your family, whatever? That’s exactly what happened to me recently, but I’ve learned that that has to stay where it is, and I have to move on. If I don’t, where does it get me? Where would it get you?

We should live everyday trying to make it the best day that we can. You don’t want to ever regret anything, hold onto anything, or let anything hold on to you that will hold you back. Like I said, life’s too short for all of that negativity. I know for me, I want to move forward, and have an awesome life. And I know you do too.

So, remember to take one day at a time and live every one of those days like it’s your last. Make it count. A lot of our own happiness, or ability to live a better life is up to us. We have to be the ones to stand and make it the way we want. Let’s live the lives WE want, and the lives WE deserve. Because you might not get a second chance, you’re not promised tomorrow….

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”. – Gandhi

Now Playing: “Tomorrow is not a Promise” by Icepick

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