The Only Way To Get Away…Kill Your Pride…

We can be awfully stubborn at times. We get so used to the way things are, we don’t think change is necessary. Our way of life, our existence is so embedded, anytime something disrupts it, we get defensive, cranky, angry, not willing to budge.No compromise.

You have to be taken out of your comfort zone sometimes in order to advance. Sometimes you just have to let go. You can’t control everything. You have to realize that even though you do have power within you, there are just some things that aren’t up to you. We need to humble ourselves.

Sure, you can control SOME aspects to a point, but some things are not for us to control. That is something we need to be aware of. If it’s something we can’t control, we have to be able to put ego, or the urge to control, aside and let life do it’s thing…

“Be modest, humble, simple. Control your anger” – Abraham Cahan

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2 thoughts on “The Only Way To Get Away…Kill Your Pride…

  1. there are several techniques for anger management . I sometimes get so angry and it something like I want to release the temper but I know that its not good because we cant return the hurtful words that spoken.

    • Very well said. True, we do have to be careful not to unleash our frustrations and anger onto others. It also isn’t good for us to hold it inside either. We need to find the proper way to handle certain things or situations.

      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

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