Let’s desert this day of hurt, tomorrow we’ll be free…

As humans, we all go through a ton of different feelings and emotions throughout the day. Some are good, and some are not so good. The days that are not so good are always the one’s that stick out the most, or bother us relentlessly. But we have to remember, that things are only temporary, and there’s always tomorrow.

If things on a particular day don’t go well, that’s fine. We can’t let obstacles or any negativity run our lives. We all do it. Doesn’t make sense , does it? Why carry extra stress or baggage we don’t have to? Why let those things stop you from progressing?

Times do get rough, but they will pass. When things go wrong, don’t chain yourselves to it. Try and stay strong, and move forward. One day at a time. Today not perfect? So what. Try again tomorrow. The key is to never stop, or let anything, stop you.

“Every day is an opportunity to make a new ending”. – Author Unknown

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3 thoughts on “Let’s desert this day of hurt, tomorrow we’ll be free…

  1. I am a somewhat social person but what I have a problem understanding is why when those moments hit I will take a moment and back away from people so that I don’t take my frustration out on them, when they’re no to blame, but they get upset and want to call me mean or moody.

    Now if in my moment I keep socializing and end up being mean then I’m wrong so I have learned to withdraw from people until I gather myself but then they seem to take that personally as if I wronged them anyway. There’s just no pleasing people.
    I’ve learned to try to overlook that because I know I’m not purposely trying to hurt anyone, I just need my time to deal with my situation.

    guess I kind of ranted there….sorry.

    • That’s completely fine lady J. Talk all you want ๐Ÿ™‚

      We all have to have AWARENESS. Hey, we’re human, we occasionally take things out on people. It happens. If they know the true you, they will understand.

      But you have to worry about you. And if someone doesn’t like you, or thinks ill things about you, that’s okay. It happens. Just be the light, the example.

      Let you shine through….

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