It’s always darkest before the dawn…

A lot of us experience a “dark night of the soul” in our lifetimes. I certainly have, and still to this day dealing with it. Things are a hell of a lot better than they were say, 4-5 months ago, but I’m not out of the woods yet. But, the time I was given has been a time of renewal and preparation. So far, so good.

We all have those moments where we can’t see past the hurt, or painful things in life. it’s almost as if it haunts you. Another thing we are prone to doing is KEEPING all that pain and hurt around. Why do we do it? We don’t need to subject ourselves to that. We don’t.

Like I’ve said before, life’s not going to be easy all the time, but we need to learn to bury all of that, stand up, dust ourselves off, and move. No more being chained and anchored to all the things that do us no good, or hold us back. Remember, it’s always darkest before dawn, and the sun is rising….

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be”. – Marsha Petrie Sue

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