I hope you find your way…

We all suffer, go through bad times, get annoyed, depressed, etc. That’s just a part of human existence. The world can be cruel it seems, but we have to realize that we are separate from that. We are individuals with strength and power to overcome what the “world” throws at us. We need to tap into that strength.

In my journey, I am finding that yes, with time, wounds heal, and the life that is past starts to fade away. I will say however, I am in what I will call “phase one” of my new life and transformation. But, during this phase, I am given the time and opportunity to ready myself, to heal, and to begin laying the foundation to my new life and new beginnings.

Breaking the cycle of a life that is offering you nothing but pain, hurt and sorrow is very important. I hope that everyone can heal, and have the life that they want and deserve. We are all humans that experience human things. May we ALL find our way, and never be broken again….

“The pattern of the prodigal is: rebellion, ruin, repentance, reconciliation, restoration.” – Unknown

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