Call Me on a Good Day – Lauren K

Today I would like to welcome Guest Blogger Lauren K. Lauren and I have been speaking back and forth via email, and she wanted to share a song she wrote and performed. She’s also been through some rough times, but takes those emotions and channels them through her talent…music. She also is a writer and a blogger, so please check out her blogs Musical Seconds and Second Fresh.

(Lyrics found at link above)

I wrote this song during a time where I was dealing with a break-up whilst having family troubles and finishing my thesis (fun, fun!) I was still really trying to hold my family and social life together, but at the same time I just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide.

I find that songwriting is a particularly useful way for me to process what is going on “behind the scenes” whilst dealing with a whole heap of crap in the outside world.

It’s not an escape so to speak, in fact its the opposite, it helps me to stop pretending.  I think processing our emotions is a really important part of acceptance and growth.

It allows us to live in the present without dragging around all the pain and hurt with us.  It allows us to truly appreciate the here and now.

This song is also about depression, something a lot of us suffer from, hence the:

All things will come and pass,
for my walks are numbered
as I edge ever closer
to my last breaths

I think during a bout of depression its important to remember that our life is but one, and that this too shall pass. At the end of the day, despite all the ups and downs, life is an amazing gift.

Lauren K

Musical Seconds
Second Fresh

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