Live and let live, Die and let die …

There are days where I struggle. It’s true. Who doesn’t struggle from time to time? One of the toughest things though is the struggle within. We all fight with ourselves, especially during some sort of adversity. Do I get revenge, or not? Do I choose to hate this person, or not? Do you choose peace, or just the opposite?

Our white knuckled grip on some things really don’t make sense. How can you move on or receive anything when your hands are closed in a fist ready to fight things, instead of letting go, and try and deal with things calmly, and peacefully. Not with rage and chaos. Does us no good.

When things go bad, stop. Always take the higher road. Always breathe and let go. You won’t be able to focus, and move on with cloudy judgement or thinking. Sometimes you just have to let go, let fate, karma, whatever take care of it. Take care of you. Live and let live, die and let die…

“The high road is always respected. Honesty and integrity are always rewarded.” – Scott Hamilton

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2 thoughts on “Live and let live, Die and let die …

  1. “Always breathe and let go.” Good advice, especially for dealing with struggles. After all, we’re faced with new struggles every day. How can we face a new day if we’re still stuck on the struggles of yesterday? Great writing!

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