And I give everything away, just to get back to that better place…

Most of us are at a point in our life where things aren’t as planned, or not ideal. I know it’s true for me, although things have, and are continuing to improve day by day. But everyone goes through this. We all go through some sort of hardship or suffering, and we ALL want to be in the place we want to be.

So, you need to look at yourself and ask why you’re not where you want to be. A good look. You also have to see if there are things that you need to change about yourself, and if there are things you should sacrifice for an opportunity to advance.

We all have dreams, aspirations, and the desire to have a great life. How bad do you want it? Sure, there will be obstacles and challenges, but once you conquer all of those, you, and I will certainly be in that better place…

“Change yourself and fortune will change with you.” – Portuguese Proverb

Now Playing: “Better Place” by Sevendust

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