This is your life, take it back…

Let’s face it, life, and the world in general can be less than amusing at times. But what do you do about it? A lot of us just kind of become these lifeless bodies that just accept the mediocrity and accept the negative and bad that happens instead of trying to make ourselves, and our situations better.

There is a power within us. Something built in. Most of us don’t realize it. There is nothing we can’t do. The road you choose is up to you. Life is what we make out of it, we shouldn’t let life make us into something we’re not, or don’t want to be. It’s our life, we should take control, and create what we want.

So remember that instead of allowing persons or situations to affect us negatively, and make our lives miserable, let’s do the exact opposite. Let’s throw away all of the nonsense and battle through it, taking no prisoners, taking our lives back.

“The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. To change your future, alter your decisions today.” – Anonymous

Now Playing: “Nothing You Can’t Do” by Asher Roth

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