Blogs To Check Out

Here are some cool Blogs that you should check out. Keep checking in, there’s a lot of AWESOME Bloggers out there.

lostinthearmsofdestiny – Great blog, personal, deep, from the heart.

chicpress – Great poems, creative, posts speak to you.

wordsfallfrommyeyes – Great writing, blog worth checking out.

Love 2 Type – Cool blog. A little bit of everything.

Unhallowed Nation – Awesome metal blog. Not for the weak…

Source of Inspiration – Blog run by Pat Cegan. Inspirational, beautiful.

Tamara Out Loud – Great blog. One thing that make her great is her being real.

A Purple Daffodil – Great blog, great sketches.

Sips of Jen and Tonic – Cool blog, worth checking out.

Personal Concerns – Personal, great writing.

Relationship Voice – Great blog having to do with relationships, etc.

Awaken The Inner Self – Great Blog. Well written. Inspirational.

Waking Up Angry – Cool blog. Great posts. Worth checking out.

Andres Berrondo Omniologist – Very cool. A little bit of everything. Check it out. You can also find him at kryptonight83.

IYAAYAS Moderator’s Blog – Open, straight shooter. Check out this blog.

Opinions of Eye – Great Blog. Moving and very deep.

Anxiously Yours – Personal Blog from the heart. She is also an amateur photographer with a great eye. Make sure to visit and say hello.

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